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RIOO? The highlighted sentences at the bottom of the ‘sticky’ post on the home page state, rather formally, that the intended audience of the RFINA site is the vehicle owner.

In a June 2016 article Collision Repair magazine reported on the Verifacts Symposium in Newport Beach, California.

RIOO was an acronym used at that March industry conference with the theme ‘All for one…the Consumer’

There is a lot of discussion within the repair industry about the very significant changes in modern vehicles and the many players involved are having a lot of trouble figuring out what the repair industry will look like in five years.

While they are trying to figure this out they are hoping they can do this without involving vehicle owners. This is understandable in that the topic is complex and if the people who are working with it every day are able to work honestly through the complexity good results can be provided to vehicle owners without causing a great deal of confusion during the transitory period.

At the same time, vehicle owners should have access to information

Back to RIOO. The summary of the conference shows a lot of sincerity, good information and a lot of conflicting views. Looking at this now, just 6 months later, there is more focus and clarity than there was at the time of the conference. However it can be seen that sometimes people get too focused and forget a key point. RIOO is an acronym for Repair, Insurance, OEM and Others. It seems that vehicle owners are either not invited to the conversation or at best are viewed as ‘Others.’

A conference about consumers should probably have had some consumer input.

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