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Next Accident Ready Leadership

Who will react best to the rapid changes that have overtaken the repair industry?

This is a question which leads to more questions as the relationships within and between organizations will have significant bearings. For example, looking at the category of independent shop owner, the owner can have a very firm belief in the concept, but if his front office staff and technicians are not fully engaged he won’t get far.

Here is one list of some of the players involved who will have a role in the development of Next Accident Ready protocols. The lack of explanation of the role of each in the process is intentional in order to keep the conversation as open as possible.

All of these groups and people are in competition with others in their category and there is always a tension between categories. All have varying personal and business motivations and objectives.

The Front Line Insurance Adjuster.
The Senior Claims Person at the Insurance Company.
The Front Line Shop Estimator
The Repair Technician
The Independent Shop Owner.
The Independent Small MSO (Multi Shop Operator), with from 2 to 6 shops.
Larger MSOs
Banner Affiliates
Banner Head Office People
New Car Dealers
Certification Providers

And, very importantly;

Vehicle Owners

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