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asTech2 Remote Vehicle Scanning and Diagnostics

Collision Diagnostic Services of Texas has developed the second generation of their asTech remote scanner. Learn more about the asTech scanner. This equipment is priced currently in the $2,500US range making it affordable to any progressive repair shop and allows that independent shop to remotely connect with OEM scan equipment, which is definitely not affordable for that independent shop.

Perhaps if a shop did 90% Toyotas or Hondas they could afford the cost and training for equipment for that one brand, but if they are repairing almost all brands the total cost would be prohibitive and the training very complex.

The asTech2 unit is connected to the vehicles OBD (On Board Diagnostic) port and communicates over the internet with the CDS offices in Texas, where a group of trained automotive technicians works with the full range of OEM scanners to diagnose the vehicle electronics.


A pre–repair scan aids significantly in damage diagnosis and the post repair scan does two things; the first is to verify that all systems are working; the second is to reset and recalibrate components to ready mode after repairs are completed.

Before the availability of this technology vehicles would have to be driven to the dealer for many code re-sets. This would add a day to the repair process, or if there were no dash lights on the re-set would simply not be done. It is easy to imagine that the very useful (and rapidly becoming mandatory on new cars) pre-repair scan would very seldom be done if it required taking the car to the dealership before work could even start.

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