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Report from SEMA 2016

This post may come across as very vague, but only three paragraphs are being used for something that could go on for pages, which no one would read.

SEMA is the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association and despite its name has become the operator of one of the two major showcases for collision repair equipment, technology and education. There is a significant, almost overwhelming trade show floor and four days of seminars and presentations on a wide range of topics.

After the first day, I am encouraged by the information I was taking in. There was nothing that suggested the themes and issues highlighted in previous posts are wrong, but there is a hint that progressive operators may be able to find a way through the chaos of the technological change that is happening.  Words like culture, scale, documentation and training came up in different presentations. The path forward will not be presented in a simple way that everyone can follow, because at this time the path forward is not yet known.

The indicators are there however that those who are ready to participate in the development of the way forward will be able to collectively get to a point where cars are being repaired to true pre-accident condition.

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