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OEM Requirements for Vehicle Code Scanning – Tension between Industry Participants

This article from Repairer Driven News reviews a panel discussion last week at the SEMA conference and trade show. I was at the session myself and felt the tension that is hinted at in the article, between manufacturers and insurers with repairers and vehicle owners caught in the middle.

It was clear to me that the instructions for the panel members were that they were only to provide information and not discuss who is to pay for the required actions that flow from this information.  Manufacturers are saying that with modern cars these procedures are needed, but the insurance companies are resisting implementation.

Justin Miller of Nissan took a deep breath and went as far as he could to express his frustration based on his participation in a previous panel at the 2016 NACE conference “some of the insurance partners had mentioned … By saying ‘all,’ we weren’t kind of being clear enough.”

That quote captures the current situation; none of the insurance companies want to be the first to move because then they will be the first to need to increase rates.

This second article is taken from Claims Magazine May 1016 issue. In this article the writer who as an appraiser is one step closer to the insurance industry discusses the importance of scanning.

He is writing in an insurance industry magazine which suggests that the insurance industry is starting to recognize the need for this work. Starting to, but they are not there yet.

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