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Further Behind Than We Were

I have not posted anything new since February of this year because there has really been nothing comment worthy. The cars continue to change and the industry continues to wait. Mary Bara was right in 2015  More Change in the next 5 years and the… Read more

The Present And The Future

Over the last several years it has become clear to progressive repairers that modern cars cannot be repaired correctly without good current equipment, well trained staff and disciplined adherence to correct, vehicle-specific repair procedures. With significant investments in equipment and training these repairers are  able… Read more

Dornbusch’s Law

In 2016 there was a 5-year time frame suggested for the changes needed in the industry to repair cars properly. If these changes were not made there could very well be a real crisis in the industry. In 2021 these changes have not been made,… Read more