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Ready For Its Next Accident (RFINA) is a project and site started by Peter Sziklai in 2016. As the owner of Tsawwassen Collision Ltd., an independent collision repair shop near Vancouver, Canada, Sziklai has been actively involved in the collision repair industry since 1982.

RFINA is a repair concept based on the fact that the repaired vehicle has to respond as designed in a subsequent accident. This accident may not happen, it may happen the day after it leaves the repair shop or it may happen 10 years later; the car has to be ready. An awareness of this RFINA concept was starting to be seen in the North American industry in 2013 or 2014 but at 2016 this awareness was still very limited.

Manufacturers were implementing advanced technology rapidly and broadly through their range. In 2016, everything was changing while the collision repair industry was very entrenched in past practise. With an industry culture that had not changed in 50 years there was resistance to the reality created by new vehicle technology.

Five years later in 2021 industry awareness of RFINA has increased but real action toward implementation has been very erratic. If anything we are even further behind because the slow movement of the industry has not matched the very rapid changes in vehicle complexity.

Initially the target audience for the RFINA site were industry participants. In 2021 the content has been revised to be more accessible to vehicle owners and the site is aimed more at these owners.

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