peter_picReady for its Next Accident is a project started by Peter Sziklai in 2016.  As the owner of Tsawwassen Collision Ltd., an independent collision repair shop near Vancouver, Canada he has been actively involved in the collision repair industry since 1982. The awareness of Ready for Its Next Accident repair principles had increased significantly since 2013 or 2014 but in mid-2016 this awareness was not at all universal.

Manufacturers were implementing advanced technology very rapidly and also very broadly through their range. Everything was changing, including the cost structure of the entire repair process. Those inside that process; manufacturers, repairers and insurers were scrambling to find a new equilibrium.  With an industry culture that had not changed in 50 years there was as much resistance as there was acceptance of the new reality created by new vehicle technology.

Two years later in mid-2018 resistance is diminishing but not to the point where new processes are widely accepted.  We are still in for several years of a very wide range in how cars are repaired.

The intended audience in 2016 had been vehicle owners. As the principles of Ready for Its Next Accident were developed and incorporated into the business models of the repair industry it was seen as important that vehicle owners were aware of these changes.

RFINA did not reach its intended audience of vehicle owners in 2016 or in the time since.  It became clear that these owners and drivers were in fact a part of the same 50 year old industry culture and change was going to be as hard for them as for other participants. With so many other life issues of more immediate urgency there was not a lot of concern about car repairs.

The target audience was changed quite early from the customers of the repair industry to the participants in that industry and these people continue to be the main target in mid-2018. However, as the acceptance of change has increased among industry participants it has also started within the vehicle owning public. Awareness among that important group will continue to grow and it is expected that by the end of this year the audience will broaden to include vehicle owners.