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But Of Course You Always Have To Do The Right Repair

…but, of course we all want the cars fixed right.

…. but, you have to do the correct repair.

For the last two or three years every industry discussion about the challenges and costs of modern vehicle repair ends with a variation of the phrase ‘but of course we need correct repairs’. This is said with a tone that suggests ‘I have met my obligations because I have mentioned that correct repairs are needed.’ 

This phrase is always aimed at the repairer and is most often used by anyone who has an opinion on repair procedures and repair cost but has no hands-on responsibility for that real world repair. Insurers really like it and industry commentators, speakers and trainers always close with it. 

With this phrase and no further investment, the speaker imagines or hopes that they have made a contribution toward the safe repair and all responsibility falls on the repairer.

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