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Not Accepted through to Accepted and then to Expected

As vehicles get more and more complex there are a growing number of situations   that are not covered by the rules or standards used by repairers and insurance companies. The first reaction to one of these new situations is that it is a Not Accepted procedure and will not be paid.

But the procedure is needed so what happens?

An intelligent, researched explanation on why a procedure is needed, backed by a reputation for integrity and honesty will, with some repetition, move the procedure from Not Accepted toward Accepted.  With each Acceptance, less explanation is needed and at some point, the procedure becomes Expected, and no explanation is needed.

The work to move a procedure from Not Accepted to Accepted is time consuming and relatively thankless and is done by progressive operators who have an interest in keeping the safety standards of industry moving forward to keep up with vehicle changes.  There is no financial gain to that operator during the move toward Accepted.

As time goes on the direction taken is seen by the broader industry as the correct one. With this understanding there is a general movement toward the better and more rigorous procedures, and they become Expected. There is some return here for the progressive operators, as the lessons learned in the early stages allow them to work efficiently with these procedures, which for them are not new.

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