Ready For Its Next Accident? How Do You Know?

Last year I was talking to a knowledgeable car owner about RFINA repairs and she understood quickly what I was saying. She then asked, “How do I know I am getting the right repairs? What questions can I ask?”

I thought for a few seconds, and could only answer that there really are no direct questions she could ask, because the questions themselves require a knowledge of repair procedures.”

There Will Not Be Many Car Owners Who Would Be Able To Ask:

  • “Does your shop have electronic 3 dimensional measuring and a solid 4 point anchoring system with the capability for a 5th or 6th anchor point if needed?”
  • “Do you have a damage report writer who can tell your technician exactly what metals are used in the structure of my car and what repair or replace procedures have to be followed?”
  • “Do you have access to OEM grade scan equipment that will allow you to perform a pre-repair systems diagnostic scan as part of the damage report and then a post-repair scan to ensure that all systems are fully functional?”
  • “Do you have a very good professional relationship with my insurance company that will allow them to authorize all needed repair procedures and parts?”

A Question That Can Be Asked Is:

 “Are you confident that your equipment and staff will allow you to repair this damage in a way that returns my car to true pre-accident safety?”

The answer should be thoughtful and confident, with an explanation of some of the key points that need to be addressed with that car and that damage.  There may be an offer of a quick tour or a few images of the repair in process.

If the answer is “sure we’ve fixed lots of these cars before,” that may not be as confidence-inspiring.

If the repair shop has current certifications and staff training designations posted, this is another sign of a facility that is paying attention to rapidly changing repair requirements.