2016 Honda Civic Structure And Metals

This 2016 (no longer that new) Honda Civic is an excellent and affordable car that many people will buy and use for everything from city commuting to regular highway travel. It is a car that your family will use. It also looks a lot like a 2015 Civic which is structurally a completely different car.

To meet the equally important objectives of efficiency and safety, Honda applied their significant engineering capabilities to make the structure of the car from, aluminum, plastic composites and 5 different strengths of steel.

The photo below shows a cut away demonstration car with each colour indicating a different grade of steel, each with its own requirements for repair or replacement. To maintain the designed safety features of the car, the integrity of each section must be maintained.

The car that the technician will be repairing will not be colour-coded and it is easy to see that a correct repair to Ready For Its Next Accident condition cannot be done without very complete supporting information.

The well-trained technician will know how to repair or replace any of these components, but if he is not given good information about the construction and material types, he will not know what he should be doing.